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What are Hammerhead bumpers made of?

Hammerhead bumpers are produced from a high-quality, A36 carbon steel, brought to the Hammerhead manufacturing facility in plate form. We shot blast the plate to remove scale and then cut, form and weld the plate in-house to best fit your vehicle. The thickness of the steel varies by bumper and part.

What is the paint on Hammerhead bumpers?

We currently offer a textured wrinkle powder coat, which provides full coverage and a semi-slip-resistant finish that provides grip for stepping onto the bumper. We do NOT offer products in a prime only option.

Will a winch fit in a bumper?

Absolutely. Most of our bumpers will accommodate up to a 16,500 lb. winch for ¾ ton and up models, and most half-ton models will accommodate up to a 9500 lb. winch. The winch can be front-mounted or bottom-mounted, depending on the model. When purchasing the winch that you want, please refer to your specific bumper to see the winch options we verified to fit for dimensional comparison. All winch options will vary depending on bumper design.

Do your bumpers affect airbag functionality?

No. The airbag is not deployed from contact with the bumper, so it will not affect airbags. There is a sensor within the car, not located on the bumper, which tells the bag to inflate.

Is Hammerhead affiliated with any other bumper companies?

No. Hammerhead is owned exclusively by Hol-Mac Corporation. All Hammerhead products go through the same quality standards that we have throughout Hol-Mac, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Hammerhead products are only welded by personnel with AWS D1.1 welding certification.

Are lights included with Hammerhead bumpers?

Lights are NOT included in the base price but can be added as an option when purchasing a bumper. LED upgraded reverse lights (approximately 1200 lumens) are included with the standard rear bumpers. License plate lights are included when the OEM version does not work with our rear bumpers. You can also add flush mount LED cube lights for the flush mount style rear bumpers.

Can your bumpers be changed from one make or model to another?

No. Each Hammerhead bumper is built to follow the contours of the specific vehicle for which it was designed. However, some bumpers will fit multiple years of a particular make and model.

Will your bumpers work with a body lift?

Our standard designs will not fit without modifications. Please contact your installer to determine if they have the ability to develop mounts specific to your lift modifications.

Will I retain my factory receiver on your rear bumpers?

Yes. You will retain your factory receiver. After-market receivers are not verified to work with our bumpers.

Do your rear bumpers accommodate reverse sensors?

Rear sensors will fit in most of our bumper designs. Let your dealer or installer know about the sensors, and they can put them in the bumper at the time of installation. **NOTE: On Dodge trucks, we cannot guarantee that your sensors will function properly with our aftermarket bumper.**

Do you offer your bumpers unpainted?

Hammerhead Armor only offers products in our black wrinkle powder coat. However, customers can SPECIAL ORDER their products RAW/UNPAINTED by notating in the "Comments" box at checkout. We HIGHLY discourage this option. If ordered unpainted, the product will arrive as raw, unfinished steel with possible flaws to the metal. The product will require EXTENSIVE polishing and prep work for paint. Please contact your painter before ordering the product this way to ensure they are prepared to do the work for special paint. NOTE: Custom or special order products are NOT eligible for cancellation after 24 hours of original order placement and NOT eligible for return.

Can I buy directly from your manufacturing facility?

Yes. You can purchase Hammerhead Armor products through this website directly. Or, you can also purchase the bumpers from dealers, featured under the Dealers tab at the top of this page.

Are any modifications required to install a Hammerhead bumper?

No. If your truck’s original bumper mounts and frame have not been damaged, then your Hammerhead bumper should only require a simple “bolt-on” installation.

Will a Hammerhead bumper increase my towing capabilities?

No. The bumper does not add to your towing capabilities.

What is the difference between a flush mount and standard rear bumper?

Both rear bumper designs are the same EXCEPT for the style lights they accommodate. The standard rear bumper will accommodate a 4" round reverse light. The standard rear bumper now includes a FREE LED UPGRADE. The standard rear bumper will also have our HH logo cut out in front of the light. The flush mount rear bumper will accommodate a flush (or flange) mounted LED cube light. The flush mount rear bumper has a square cut out to mount a flush mounted LED cube light from the outside of the bumper seating into the bumper. The flush mount rear bumper does NOT include the lights, but they can be purchased in addition to the bumper.

What is Hammerhead’s product compatibility?

General Product Compatibility Statement Hammerhead prides itself on the fit and finish of every product we offer. However, due to the vast variety and offerings of the aftermarket community, we cannot guarantee our products will work in conjunction with other brands’ products. Always be sure to test fit our products to verify fitment with another manufacturer’s product before the final installation. Full Brush Guard and Fender Flare Compatibility Statement Hammerhead Armor prides itself on the fit and finish of every fender flare we offer. However, due to the vast variety of offerings and sizes of aftermarket fender flares, we cannot guarantee that the outer tubes of our Full Brush Guard bumpers will allow for oversized fender flares to be installed on a vehicle. Always be sure to test fit our products to verify fitment with another manufacturer’s product before the final installation.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to a commercial address within the continental United States via LTL Freight on most products. This DOES NOT include residential delivery OR lift gate services. Residential deliveries will incur a $75.00 residential delivery fee (excluding New York residential shipments, which will incur a $150.00 residential delivery fee). Lift gate services MUST be requested PRIOR to shipping; otherwise, we will not authorize these charges. Lift gate delivery service charges will cost an additional $145.00. **NOTE: A farm is NOT deemed a Commercial address. It WILL incur a Residential shipping charge.** Small products are able to ship FREE via UPS or FedEx Ground. If you do not want to incur residential and/or lift gate charges, you can elect to pick up at the closest Freight dock to your address. Just be sure to note this on your order, or provide the FedEx Freight dock address along with your contact information. If your order cannot be delivered to the address that you provided, you will be contacted by the closest shipping dock when your order has arrived to set up a pickup or delivery time. For shipments to other countries, or outside the continental United States, please call (855) 448-6844 to inquire about shipping rates.

What is Hammerhead’s return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Hammerhead purchase, we will gladly accept returns within 10 business days from the receipt of your order. All returns must be initiated by contacting Hammerhead's returns department, so a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number can be assigned to your return. Unused products, in resalable condition, must be returned in original packaging and include all packaging materials and hardware. The RGA number must be clearly displayed on the outside packaging in visible letters. Please include a copy of the original packing list and/or invoice inside the package. Returned products shipped "Freight Collect" to Hammerhead will be refused upon arrival. Customers will be charged a 20% restocking fee if the bumper is returned in s sellable condition and 30% if the bumper requires repainting and repackaging and you are responsible for return shipping charges. Original delivery fees will NOT be refunded, unless an error occurred on Hammerhead’s part in the shipment of your order. Please note, it is your responsibility to inspect all orders PRIOR to acceptance. If the order arrives damaged, refuse the shipment immediately. **NOTE: All SALE and CUSTOM/SPECIAL orders are FINAL. Returns/exchanges on sale or custom/special orders will NOT be accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, any modifications made after shipment of the product.** Hammerhead Returns Department can be reached at 601-764-6177 during normal business hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 A.M.—4:30 P.M. (CST)

What is Hammerhead’s cancellation policy?

Hammerhead customers will not be charged a cancellation fee on orders for current year model and stocked production products. All cancellations must be made PRIOR to shipment. Orders for any non-current year model production products are considered custom or special order products. These products are NOT eligible for cancellation (after 24 hours of original order placement) or return. Payment MUST be received in full prior to order placement of any non-current year model products.

What is Hammerhead’s warranty?

All warranty claims must be initiated by contacting Hammerhead’s Warranty/Service Department within 30 days of defect discovery. Hammerhead production products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects, limited to the replacement or repair of the product(s) and is non-transferable. The warranty does NOT cover defects caused by improper installation, intentional damage, misuse, product modifications, or normal wear and tear that occurs after purchase. All warranty claims must include the order invoice or original order information from the initial purchase of the product. Hammerhead Fender, Flares, and Running Boards are NOT included in the standard one year warranty. There will ONLY be a one year structural warranty for these products. These products have NO powder coat warranty. [Excluding: Jeep Rock Rails, Truck Rails, or Jeep Bottom Trim] All issues in regards to shipping MUST be communicated to Hammerhead within 30 business days of receipt of product. With all freight shipments, product needs to be thoroughly inspected upon arrival due to the possibility of concealed damage due to freight carrier and/or packaging issues. If anything with your shipment is damaged, please refuse the shipment upon arrival if possible. If concealed damage due to shipping is found later, please contact your dealer or Hammerhead directly, so we can take action immediately to address the issue. All warranty considerations must be communicated to Hammerhead PRIOR to any work being done to correct it. A claim number must be assigned to each case in order for any warranty coverage to be considered. *Note: Damaged product(s) from warranty claims MUST be returned to Hammerhead Armor within 30 days of product replacement; otherwise replacement product will be billed to customer. To schedule pickup of a damaged product, please notify Hammerhead when the product is ready for return. If no return needed, our Warranty Department will notify you prior to replacement being shipped. *Disclaimer: All Warn winch warranty claims must be processed through Warn Customer Service directly at 1-800-543-9276. Hammerhead Warranty/Service Department can be reached at 601-764-6177 during normal business hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-4:30 PM (CST)

How do I contact Hammerhead?

Sales and Customer Service Department: 855-HHTOUGH (855-448-6844) OR 601-764-4121 Warranty, Technical Support, and Returns Departments: 601-764-6177 Accounting Department: 601-764-4121 Engineering Department: 601-764-4121 Marketing: 601-764-4121

Can I color match or custom paint my Hammerhead Armor product?

Hammerhead Armor does not offer color match or custom paint on their products. Hammerhead Armor only offers products in our black wrinkle powder coat. Customers can special order their products RAW/UNPAINTED. However, we discourage this option due to the product arriving as a raw, unfinished steel surface that is not prepared to offer a smooth finish. We highly recommend if you plan to have your product custom painted that you consult with your paint service provider prior to purchasing our products. The product will require extensive polishing and prep work prior to paint, especially with a smooth, glossy finish paint, in order to obtain a satisfactory appearance. *Note: Custom or special order products are NOT eligible for cancellation after 24 hours of original order placement and NOT eligible for return. Products that are custom painted after leaving Hammerhead Armor's facility are NOT eligible for return.

Can I mount a front license plate to your bumpers?

Hammerhead Armor's front winch bumpers can have a front license plate mounted to the front face plate of the bumper, where the winch fair lead would be located (if no winch is installed). You may have to drill out holes in your license plate for them to line up with holes in the bumper. If you install a winch, you can purchase an after-market fair lead flip up license plate bracket to mount to the winch fair lead. We do not sell this bracket. Hammerhead Armor's front low profile bumpers do not come ready to mount a front license plate.