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“I’m very happy with my X-Series Hammerhead on my 2015 Ram 1500. Hammerhead is a top notch company with excellent customer service and stand behind their products. I can’t recommend them enough and will put a their bumpers on all of my future trucks.”

David N.

I have had Ranch Hand bumpers in the past and they bent when I hit a deer because they use 1/8″ steel under the main beam of there bumpers, I just installed your X front and rear bumpers on my new F150 and all I can say is they are built better than any other I have seen! I’m pretty sure that a deer at 60mph will just require a trip to the car wash to clean off the mess! They fit perfect and were easy to install, direct fit except for trimming the intercooler shroud on my eco-boost.Let me start by saying THANK YOU!! My family has a 2015 Ram 2500 Mega Cab with front and rear Hammerhead Armor Bumpers. 

Yesterday my 7 year old daughter and I were rear ended by a 1/2 ton Chevy truck. The impact was brutal. 
No noted injuries yet but I was worried what
the back of our truck looked like.

Below I have posted pics of the rear of my truck and front of his. Your product only has scratches….NO VISIBLE STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to the bumper!

I always loved the way the bumpers looked but your company has nailed functionality and appearance!! Rare find in today’s world.

Thank you for your part in keeping my family safe!!

Edward B.
Siloam Springs, AR 

I recently purchased a low profile prerunner. Just wanted to compliment you all on a amazing job. The bumpers fit and finish is second to none. Thank you all for a top of the line product. I’m a fan and will no doubt advertise. The bumper was just what my truck needed.

Baron C. , Stroop, Montana

I just wanted to inform you guys that I hit an elk in my 04 Chevy Duramax, and your bumper saved my life and my girlfriend’s lift. I wanted to thank you for a quality product. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I will always run one of your bumpers on a vehicle I get. Thank you again for a quality product. In the event I can afford another truck like this, rest assured this bumper will be on it.

Travis M

Hammerhead bumpers are by far the best on the market. This is my second Hammerhead installed in a year, and they fit perfect and are built like a tank. Hit a deer at 73 mph with my other truck, and not even a dent in the bumper. Get the X Series and don’t worry about your truck again.

Joe J

I’m constantly driving for work and there is always a chance of hitting deer or bears. Yesterday I was traveling from New York to Pennsylvania and had a large doe run out in front of me while going 80 mph down the highway. Needless to say, my Hammerhead X-Series bumper saved the day. Truck didn’t have a single scratch on it. It did bend the mounting bracket on the driver side, but it could’ve been way worse. Highly recommend Hammerhead bumpers.

Seth A.